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VATIL 10th Control Room Event

by David Bendavid on 13/09/2010
September 21st, 1300 UTC - September 25th, 1700 UTC NON-STOP ATC

Over 100 hours of non-stop ATC services will be provided to our virtual pilots using a special ATC facility, that will be especially established for this event !

Once a year VATIL is organizing a special occasion which brings all of our virtual air traffic controllers together to provide ATC services for the Israeli airspace in VATSIM. This special facility combines equipment that organized in such a way which exposes our virtual air traffic controllers into a simulated real word ATC environment.

We started the tradition back then in 2001, and this upcoming event will be the 10th ! - Because of that, we decided to go as far as we can ! WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH MORE THAN 100 HOURS OF NON STOP ATC! You are invited to take place in this special tradition and fly in/out Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG) - where the event length is not an issue anymore!

Hope to see you in the AIR !
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