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About EL AL Virtual Airlines

EL AL Virtual Airline- 10 Years of Quality
Our History
This year will mark our 10th year as a major virtual airline in the virtual skies of Israel and the world, making us the oldest and most experience Virtual Airline around. As such, our fore and foremost target is to simulate precisely the activities of our real world counterpart, EL AL Airlines, even tough we are not affiliated to them.

Allow us to take you to a brief journey through our 9 years of operations, so seat back, relax, and enjoy your tour...

1999: EL AL VA inaugural flight from Montreal to Tel Aviv. In the cockpit was our first President Ari Baruch. The non-stop flight lasted 11 hours and was flown on a Boeing 767-258ER piloted by Ari Baruch.

2002: Due to a range of circumstances such as spiraling server costs and personal issues affecting Ari, EAAVA (El Al - A Virtual Airline as it was called then) was wound up.

2005: EL AL Virtual Airline was revived by Itamar Arjuan and its finest team, by releasing, what was then, the new site of EL AL VA . With hundreds of pilots, the site was prospering and growing.

EL AL Virtual Airline's agenda :

  • To recruit a highly competent and highly trained crew.
  • For the staff to provide a constant flow of updated materials in order for the crew to complete their flights in the most professional manner possible--including a full training department with resources for trainee crew.
  • To maintain a core of honesty among out crew and staff.
  • To foster a cordial social friendship between all members--crew and staff alike.

Today, we are proud to release our new and rejuvenated site. Project "EL AL Reloaded" as it was called first, contain more dynamic and advanced features for the benefits of our pilots. Once again, we are one of the Online Simulation Community's principle and most vibrant virtual Airlines, with the finest crew to serve you and meet your requirements.

See you in the skies,
EL AL VA Team.